Monday, May 4, 2009

Things On My Mind

Here are the things on my mind today:

1) I just browbeat both of my children into going to sleepaway camp this summer. The son was pitching nasty fits about it all week when I finally sat him down and said, "You're going. That's it. No further discussion. Dad and I have made an executive decision." And he shut up. You'd think I was sending him to military school.

2) Jazzercise. (I've always got Jazzercise on my mind...)

3) My Mother's Who Write class is ending. I haven't even had a chance to be nervous about the reading coming up this Saturday because I'm still working on the final piece. Topic: Endings. I am so glad that I finally left my house and became part of this community of women writers. It was very lonely writing before!

4) I'm growing out my eyebrows. This is scary because when I was 13 I had a unibrow, so there is the potential for a Wolfman Jack kind of look. Right now they just look like I forgot to tweeze.

5) I am now officially the Blog Editor for Poetica Magazine, but now I'm terrified to post my first blog entry. Typical.

6) This 6-month experiment husband and I have had of cleaning our house ourselves hasn't worked out very well. At this point, we need an entire cleaning team. Things are getting punchy around here.

7) I'm thinking seriously about cooking husband some meals before we hit our 20th anniversary. Sometimes I feel very, very sorry for him, being married to a wife like me. Let's put it this way: my neighborhood friends are starting to offer to bring meals for him.

That's where things stand today. Random blogbits.


  1. Hi Linda,
    Came along by way of Poetica Magazine's announcement about your becoming Blog Editor. I look forward to reading your words. So far, I like your blogging style, as seen in your last few posts.

    Mazel tov on this appointment by Poetica Magazine.

    Regards from Toronto, Canada.

  2. kudos to the editor bit, it sounds awesome! make sure to put a link on your blog so your zilla readers can read it too!!