Thursday, March 25, 2010

Truth and Creative Lies

A big thank you to Robin of Your Daily Dose and Ellen of Weighting Around for awarding me the Creative Blogger Award. So here are my creative statements - true or false?

1) Despite being one of seven sisters, our home life was pretty tranquil, with little fighting.

2) My first husband was also one of seven children.

3) I'm famous at my kids' school for my cupcakes but they're just made from the Pillsbury white cake mix out of the box.

4) It took me five and one-half years to get my bachelor's degree due to switching universities, bad grades and changing majors.

5) When my two sisters-in-law come to town, we spend all of our time shopping at Barney's.

6) My ex-husband and I remain good friends to this day.

7) Math comes easily to me, that's why my undergraduate degree is in Applied Mathematics.

And, because who likes to wait?, here are the anwers:

1) False. If only there had been Wrestling Mania back then, we could have gone in the ring.

2) False. Ex-husband was an only child. You know, a coveted only child, not one of a litter of children, overlooked, like me.

3) True. I don't know why the hell everyone loves those stupid cupcakes so much. I keep telling them, "THEY'RE JUST MADE OUT OF WHITE CAKE MIX!" but it's like people have to believe it's something exotic. If it's me + cooking it cannot equal exotic.

4) True. (Does it help that I got my master's in two years with distinction?) Started in one major at one university, and couldn't stand it when I got out of the 101 courses. Then I transferred to another university (am I beginning to sound like Sarah Palin?) at which time I found out, much to my shock, that Ds don't transfer. Then chose another major and received my BA five and a half years after I started.

5) False. More like they go to Kohl's and I stay home and watch the kids.

6) False. Last time ex-husband seen by me (I don't rule out that he's been stalking me over the years): 1992, I was meeting some girlfriends for lunch at a restaurant right after I got engaged to Husband when who walks in? Ex-husband. He was a little surprised to see an engagement ring on my finger, especially in light of his dire predictions for my future love life if I went through with the divorce.

7) False. I was once offered a C by my Algebra teacher in high school if I would just come to class and sit in a chair like an amoeba. He understood that when I expected numbers but instead saw Xs and Ys, part of my brain shut down.

And I, in turn, am passing this award on to:
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Was I the only one on a five-and-a-half-year plan for college? Anyone been stalked by an ex-husband/boyfriend in a benign kind of way? Fought much as kids growing up? Are you famous for cooking/baking something that you get out of a box?


  1. Aw shucks, I'm honored!
    Years ago I made cookies from a mix and brought them to work at the hospital (this was before I had kids). Everyone thought they were so amazing, so I was too chicken to confess; they were all older, cooking moms. Now I make excellent homemade cookies and I can't believe anyone really fell for the ruse.
    My 22 year old son has been to 2 colleges, switched his major and is only ending his sophomore year when he should be a senior. The best of us are late bloomers!
    Thanks again; I'm so enjoying your blog!

  2. Thank you Linda:) I honestly would have guessed right! But I appreciate not being kept in suspense. Here are my lies/truth:

  3. Well, I had to guess anyway. When I saw that you were doing the reveal I stopped scrolling and studied the answers and decided on #4. Then I went back to scrolling. I was disappointed when #3 turned out to be the true one because I thought there would be only one true and all the rest untrue, but then got all happy again when #4 was also true. So, yay!

    I would have liked to have been on the 5+ year plan at school I did not have things figured out then AT ALL. I started out as a music major and pretty much all of my classes freshman year were music. That was a bust. I had no ideas. My sophomore year was spent fulfilling my core class requirements and hoping for inspiration. It didn't come. I chose English at the end of my sophomore year because "I liked to read" and I had to choose SOMETHING. Now, I would do it all differently, but I have the hindsight of 20 years and lots of job experience. Then... it was completely overwhelming. So, yeah, I totally get the 5+ year college plan.

  4. I thought #1 had to be true for sure. NOT. I don't think that is even POSSIBLE!

    Loved the true/falses. Loved that the one time you run into your ex you had a lovely ring to show him and he couldn't even go complain to his siblings about it.

  5. See? I love you more and more everytime I read your blog! ( Not in a weird, I'm stalking you and coming to Arizona way- although you do have warmer temperatures and more sunshine, so... maybe you should watch you hangs out around your house ) It took me five and a half years as well to complete my bachelor's degree. But I didn't change universities.. and I didn't have bad grades... I just changed my major like a GAZILLION times ( okay, four).. because I didn't want to grow up and be a responsible citizen and get kicked out into the world. And, for the record, I finally got kicked out into the world, but wether or not I am a responsible citizen is questionable. haha!

  6. When I saw #1 I knew it was false. 7 sisters = hell. I know. I've been there. And with a few brothers in the mix. It was very dangerous, let me tell you.

  7. Yay - congrats! I think I spotted at least two lies, pretty good for me since I'm usually so gullible!!

  8. "If it's me + cooking it cannot equal exotic." Ha! This is my culinary mantra as well. Sounds like I really need to try white cupcakes in a box!

  9. Love this post! (Really funny.)

    YES. CAKES STARTED FROM BOX MIX!!! (I add things, but the end result is really pretty yummy. And sooooo easy. And everyone raves. Go figure...)

  10. Unlike many of my fellow bloggers, I am on and a half BA plan. Or something like that. I will never come to terms with being undereducated in a well-educated family, but alas I'm a little busy these days and, well, a full-time degree program somehow doesn't mesh with my life. Shit, night classes doesn't mesh. Oh well, I try to say. Oh well.

    And cupcakes from a box? Who cares! and Brilliant! All in one.

    Loved this, Linda!

  11. I got five of those out of the box...
    The other two I wasn't sure...but I knew you had a degree in English of some sort...
    Great list.
    My big brother and I fought like cats and dogs.
    we both knocked each others front baby teeth out.

  12. i loved this Linda! I love all the snapshots into someone's life and this was perfect. I was going to be shocked if #1 was true! I don't think anyone makes cupcakes from scratch. If they say they do, they're lying. Or have too much time on their hands! :)

  13. Congratulations on this well-deserved award, Linda!

    I would definitely be one of those folks at your kids' school, greedily devouring your cupcakes. I love to bake, but I prefer both box mix cupcakes and box mix brownies. I figure Betty Crocker has had far longer to perfect her recipe than I have to perfect mine! :)

  14. Maureen, I'm so glad I found you too! Funny about the baking! Living in one of the hottest places on earth, I've really come to treasure my little sojourns with you on Martha's Vineyard!