Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Month of Eating


Husband hasn't stopped eating since Halloween.  That's a month.

First it was the Halloween candy.  I had to be the neutral mediator between Husband and the kids in the issue of Who Gets All the Candy?  If the kids weren't willing to give Husband all the Kit Kats and the Peanut M&Ms, he was threatening to take away every bit of candy in the name of healthy parenting.

That candy lasted two weeks.  Then came some kind of pre-Thanksgiving Day sale at his favorite grocery store involving huge quantities of ice cream, again a problem with the kids.  Husband wanted all the ice cream but the kids rightfully believed that the ice cream should maybe involve them.  Again, I interceded.  Although I do think Husband gave in too easily possibly due to a hidden stash in our freezer in the garage. 

Then I baked all the bananas in our house into banana bread.  That was some kind of ape festival around here but there was enough to share. 

Then came Thanksgiving Day itself which, somehow, was all about the desserts.  A little turkey, a lot of desserts.

Through it all, Husband stood next to each food table, a conveyer belt nearly set up next to the food which then ascended directly into his mouth.  There was nothing he wouldn't eat.  He ate and ate and ate and then took a plate home to eat later. 

And then, since there's absolutely no justice in this world, my husband, who should weigh about four hundred pounds, but actually weighs about 155, and should have gained an extra hundred pounds this month alone, noticed his pants - size 32 - were getting a little snug, so he cut back for a couple of days and got back to normal, 152.

And now onto December. 


  1. This could just as easily be the story of my dad. 6'4" and freaked out if he goes above 180 lbs. Meanwhile he eats everything in sight for days on end and then holds back (i.e. no onion dip on his potato chips for one day) and levels off at his ideal weight. Gotta love men like this.

  2. Yes, it's unfair. If I smell chocolate, I gain weight. :(.
    And Kristen, oh my god, how I laughed when you wrote that dieting to your dad is giving up onion dip on his chips! That is my life!

  3. mmm...onion dip sounds good right now

  4. I found some onion soup mix in my pantry but no sour cream in the fridge. So close.