Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The TV Looks Smashing

Okay, I went to the football game on Sunday. I went, I sat, I ate, I was enthused, I was crestfallen, I stayed till the bitter end.

And I thought, Whew, that wasn't so bad. I'm glad I got that out of the way. Now football is over.

But guess what? Football, apparently is never going to end. There is never enough football.

Before we left for the game, the TV was on in our house - a must-see game. Okay, fine. But certainly once we were done being at the actual game, that would be enough, right?

Well, apparently I don't read minds very well. We came home, on went the TV. There was a Bowl game on - the Soup Bowl, I think. The next day, another Bowl game. And every single day this week, Bowl after Bowl after Bowl. Today is Wednesday. There is a Bowl on TV. Who ever heard of football on a Wednesday?

Normally Husband is such a TV snob that, except for football, he can't stand to have the TV on. The last series we actually followed together and watched on an ongoing basis was Seinfeld. It was a long, long time ago. Because of his TV snobbery, I've missed every major TV show of the last ten years. But for football, he makes an exception.

"Football is real," he tells me. "It's not a bunch of actors spouting lines. This is real drama. You don't know the outcome. It's exciting, things change from minute to minute."

I look at the TV. I see a bunch of top-heavy guys crunching against each other to make their way across a big field of grass.

"Shakespeare is drama," I say. "Not football."

He says, "Anyway, the season's over."

I perk up. "Really?"

"Tomorrow night's the last Bowl game."

"Is that it, then, till the Superbowl?" I am chortling with glee.

"Well, that's it for college football."

Just as I'm about to do a little dance, he continues. "But there are NFL Playoff games every Saturday and Sunday starting this weekend till the SuperBowl."


I glare at him; go back to my office.


  1. your not missing much.
    I just turned off the tv.
    It's mostly garbage.
    I like the news, but i can get that on the internet.
    And Linda, you are absolutely right.
    I am not the same person that was sitting on that couch last year.
    Although I am positive Mr. " you make ALOT of copies..." wasn't interested in my internal conversion lol.

  2. Yes, basketball just started up in our house. I thought we were through.


    At least my husband is gone every night! (I mean that in the best possible way. Like, he only watches football AWAY from home. I love having my husband home. Oh, sheesh, I am going to stop talking now.)

  3. Chris, You're right, he wasn't interested in the inside of you, nor was he interested in getting some kind of customer service award! Hey, you'll never guess. The TV's on again - football.

  4. Ambrosia, one wonderful thing - my husband's a one-sport person - after football there's nothing! Yea!

  5. I can so relate. Football has played nonstop at my house until I my "inner voice" started to sound like an announcer.

    I use a DVR to watch my shows. My husband works evenings and then I'll watch the brain rotting series my husband rolls his eyes at.

  6. Charlotte, you are so right. I can watch HGTV's Househunters for hours on end! Decorating shows, I'm there! I guess I have to accept that what I like might be considered a little tedious to him too!