Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can You Say "Childhood Obesity?"

Here's what my 9-year-old daughter ate tonight from 7:00 till 9:00. You tell me if this is a lot of food.
- a taco salad with taco meat and cheese on it.
- tortilla chips and salsa
- a box of edamame from Costco
- 2 pieces of raisin toast with butter
- a snack cup filled with chocolate chips
- fresh pineapple

Here's what my son ate, also from 7 to 9 pm:
- two meat and cheese burritos
- about a thousand tortilla chips with salsa
- 4 pieces of raisin toast with butter
- fresh pineapple
- blueberries
- a bag of barbeque potato chips

And they're both very thin. As in, finding slim enough clothes for them is a problem. They get this from their father since if I actually eat one extra bite per day, I will gain ten pounds instantly. And it will all be on my fat butt.

The only thing that finally made the two of them stop eating is that they had to go to bed, and I'm not absolutely certain that my daughter doesn't hide food in her room that she eats after she gets in there.

Husband? Another pig. Three gigantic burritos, almost the entire bag of Costco tortilla chips, all my homemade salsa, along with anything else that's not nailed down in our house.

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