Friday, January 1, 2010

No-Tell Hotel


When we were away this past week, we had a problem with the first hotel we stayed in, necessitating an immediate switch. 

We didn't know this ahead of time so, in the interest of being comfortable, we got to the hotel and unpacked completely.  And I mean completely. We divided up the dresser drawers, then we filled up the drawers and emptied our suitcases. Daughter lined up her stuffed animals on her bed. I created a makeshift kitchen, even though there was only a refrigerator.

Then, suddenly, because of a heating unit that sounded like an airplane was taking off from our room and Sleep Number beds that left us sleeping in a large, concave hole, we wanted out. So we packed. And we forgot something. My hair shine spray.

I have problematic hair, a big ball of tangled Jewish hair. This hair requires a lot of products to actually look human each day. Since product purchasing or figuring out is actually beyond my capabilities, I've enlisted professionals to help me with this: my hair stylist and my six sisters.  So each day, to transform my hair from what it is - an Interesting Jewish Fur Ball into what I want it to be - Human Hair - I use about ten products, including my shine spray.

So, of course, I go back to the first hotel from the second hotel to see if they found my shine spray. The Interesting Jewish Fur Ball might have been tamed into looking like hair because I have the other nine products but, hey, it's still not shiny. The front desk clerk, who checked us in a few days before, and could best be described previously as possessing lank, dull hair, looks different. She has suspiciously shiny hair. The other front desk clerk also has shiny hair.  I see some Housekeeping staff wheeling a cart by. Shiny hair too.

She asks me for details and disappears for a long time, allegedly looking for my hair spray. Is she going to try to palm me off with some Aqua Net? She comes back empty handed, accompanied by a bustling manager with, of course, shiny hair.

I leave with nothing, the doors to the hotel full of shiny-haired employees swishing shut behind me.


  1. Do tell: what is the name of this magical potion? ;)

  2. Kristen, it's Kenra Silkening Mist. I hope they're enjoying it...

  3. my poor daughter has a similar problem.
    Greasy at the top and dry and frizzy at the bottom.
    If you get something for the grease the bottom becomes nearly uncombable...if something for the dry frizzy part, the top looks like the exxon valdeze parked there.
    oh well, we all do what we can.

  4. I laughed at your description of the hotel employees and their shiny hair. Sillies. Of course you would find out!

    I wonder how many items they divide amongst themselves after poor hotel dwellers mistakenly forget something.

  5. P.S. that last comment was from me, Ambrosia. I didn't realize I was signed in under my husband's account. Grrr

  6. Ambrosia, once I signed on my husband's Facebook account just to clean up some stuff for him (respond to friend requests, etc.) and one of my sisters started chatting with him - er, me. The virtual world...

  7. This is hysterical, though I cannot say that I have ever encountered Jewish Furball Hair. (How have I missed this phenomenon in life? Or is it semantic?)

    ... now skulking to my mirror to check to see if my hairy is shiny or not...

  8. BLW - Fly-away frizz, not quite a "Jewfro."

    By the way, the stupid replacement spray? Seventeen bucks.