Sunday, January 17, 2010

Heads Up

I'm wandering through a party store yesterday alone, up and down the aisles. Somewhere in the store is Daughter and her best friend. They've ditched me in a mad rush to cover more ground. I'm a slow-moving adult.

I gave them two choices of where we could go to buy a few cheap trinkets for them to play with. There was the dollar store or the party store. They chose the party store because of all the dress up stuff, and the wonderful opportunity to make fun of me - there's a gigantic 50th birthday aisle filled with geriatric devices that they pull out to humiliate me in advance of my 50th birthday in March. I especially like the bra with pulleys and springs. Little do they know I've needed that one for years.

But I'm alone when I discover the treasure trove that we end up buying. I schlep back to the front of the store to get a cart it's so perfect, so wonderful, that I need many of them. What is it? Styrofoam wig heads. Fifty cents each.

What can I do with a styrofoam head? What can't I do? The girls can paint them. I can mosaic them. Bar Mitzvahzilla can bring them to his friend's house and shoot them with air soft guns (though I'm only willing to sacrifice one to this waste). As a woman with, at best, half a head in working order at any time, I know I need some support. I need these heads.

But first we have to get them to the cashier and then out of the store. We put fourteen in the shopping cart. It kind of looks a little weird, I'm aware of that - bodyless, chopped off heads, all pale and staring. It's a little gory, unusual for me since I have a low scare threshold. But for art, for the dream of art, for a three-dimensional canvas? For that I'll load up a pile of heads.

I carry four heads at a time into the house, one under each arm, one in each hand. A head drops and rolls in the garage. I think of the movie Rear Window and look surreptitiously at my neighbors' houses to see if anyone's watching me. I pick up the head and get inside.

Later I'm driving Daughter and her friend to the friend's house where they'll spend the evening. They're both going to paint their heads to resemble the boys they have crushes on. Suddenly they both get really quiet. I look in the backseat and catch them kissing the styrofoam lips.

Okay, then. I guess they can be used for that too.
Thank you to Kristin over at Motherese for awarding me the Happy 101 blogger award, my first ever! This post encompasses many of the things that makes me happy: my daughter, her best friend, whom she's known since the baby room at her preschool, art, the dream of art, my son and how he'll always turn things on their head because of, well, testosterone.

I pass the award on to a blogger who, though I've just found her, never fails to bring a smile to my face: Charlotte of Memories for Later. Thanks, Charlotte for your humor-filled posts and for reminding me that just because our particulars are different, we are very much the same inside.

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  1. that is a very cool thing to heads.
    What a neat idea.
    and lol and them kissing them in the backseat.
    I still remember my cousin carrie and I stuffing our bras with cotton balls when we were 13.
    They made for very lumpy boobs.

  2. Chris, Next thing you know the girls have new boyfriends - the styrofoam heads! We'll see if stuffing bras comes next. (First they have to get bras...)

  3. I just found the Help Haiti blog challenge, and I think you found a great way to join in. I'm trying to figure out my own way to contribute...

  4. After reading about making masks, I now want to find these heads instead. Oh the ideas going through my mind.

  5. Thanks for visiting, Betherann. You can go to Kelly's Help Haiti site and click on the list of bloggers involved for some other ideas. Thanks for visiting mine and giving me the opportunity to help.

  6. Nicki, I was at Party City, just in case you have one around you. They were selling off the heads from Halloween wigs. When I cleaned out a shelf I asked the guy if they had any more and he said they had about a hundred in the back! So it's worth asking!

  7. Well, this post certainly made me smile! As usual!

  8. Thank you, Kristen. I appreciate it!

  9. Thanks, Linda. I don't think there is one close but maybe about 45 minutes up the road. Will have my son check as he drives that way daily for work.

  10. I can just imagine all the fun (and/or slightly creepy) things I can do with styrofoam heads. I think we have a Party City in town, too. I wonder if my husband will think I am off my rocker if I come home with some. Unfortunately, I don't think it would change his opinion at all.

    Thanks for the award! I'm glad you've enjoyed finding my blog as much as I've enjoyed finding yours.

  11. So how are you going to turn them into "talking" heads?

    Loved this post.

  12. Thinking about you making art from styrofoam heads makes me smile!

    Congratulations on the award! You most definitely deserve it!

  13. Charlotte, typical for me: bought them Saturday and they've just sat in my art room, an audience to me never being able to start anything (or finish) since then. Typical.

  14. BLW - I'm thinking the cast off Darth Vader helmet voice box buried in my son's closet might work well...

  15. Ambrosia, the art inside my head is always better than the art the comes out of my hands. With this it was a win/win situation - fifty cents each! Cheaper than canvas!

  16. Linda, my craft room is quickly becoming my museum for unfinished projects and never used supplies.