Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shopping With the Food Police

Today I went shopping with the Food Police - that would be my husband. Since we are off one day a week together (okay, I'm really off every day) we go to a warehouse store on Thursdays. There we get to amuse all the other shoppers by fighting up and down each aisle about what I want to buy and what he doesn't.

I have many nostalgic memories of food I ate as a kid. I want to raise my kids on this nostalgia. I want to give them my childhood in Skokie, almost all of it. Like the Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres on TV and Spaghettios and Frosted Flakes in their mouths. I want them to have the idyllic childhood I had but without the Holocaust things, of course. So that's how I shop. I buy food to make them happy, excited. I look at the DVDs for fun and more fun things to watch. I'm like a ten-year-old in a grocery store.

This drives the Food Policeman nuts because he's a grown up married to a baby. He wants the kids to fall in love with lettuce and with unflavored Cherrios. If he was the mom, he'd probably have a food pyramid chart as art work.

I just need to face it: my husband is really meant to be the wife. He's good at cleaning the house, washing the dishes, and he cooks a good nutritious meal. He can shop a list at the grocery store with so many coupons they finally pay him to get out of the store. And so where does that leave me? Under arrest by the Food Police.

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  1. I'm the COUPON QUEEN in this household, but my husband -- like yours -- is the FOOD POLICE. I come home with all the junk food...for my kids, of course. He would no doubt make me take it all back to the supermarket if he could, and sometimes he has!
    I think my hubby should meet your hubby! They can talk about giving citations to their wives...